What We DO?

Bio-Science and Technology Solution Provider

We combine scientific and laboratory informatics expertise with strategic and business consulting capabilities, industry platforms, innovation approach and global scale to revolutionize how scientific and laboratory processes are conducted. We work with our clients to streamline technology and processes, and harness the power of data, to remain competitive within today’s changing scientific with informatics ecosystem.


Clean environment is a basic right of any citizen and it is the current generation's responsibility to pass a healthy and clean environment to the next generation. Vanquisher works towards maintaining a healthy, natural environment by protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources and the ecological communities that inhabit them, in the following ways:

1. Plantation drive – go green earth
2. Clean festive drive
3. Development of man made forest
4. Artificial Water body plantation


Empowering individuals, families and social groups to lead happier lives with healthier relationships and serve less privileged fellow beings with love, by fostering intrapersonal and interpersonal harmony. Promotes art as a culture for happy and harmonious living. Here, people of all age groups get an opportunity to learn and social gathering. Performances and workshops by eminent artistes are organised on special occasions.

1. Sit & draw – competition
2. Magician show and dog show
3. Yoga and Health benefits
4. Care and protection – Home Management and Science


To bring about the kinds of changes that will help people live healthier and more productive lives, we seek to understand the human inequities. Whether the challenge is low-yield crops in poverty or gender-based barriers, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with education and small time investment.

1. Rural education camps
2. Awareness of digitalization and upcoming era
3. Food relief support
4. Emergency healthcare support
5. Counselling
6. Library on Wheel