Enterprise LAB-O-MATICS

We are committed to getting labs set up and get up to run faster by leveraging industry best practices with targeted lab solution to meet the needs across the industries from R&D and Clinical diagnostics.

Research and Development LIMS

Effectively managing lab data is challenging. New instruments, techniques, data types, and tools are constantly becoming available. Research and development labs need the flexibility to evolve with new advances in science and technology.

Core LIMS software works with instruments and consumables from the vendors you choose. In the cloud or on-premises, the choice is yours. If you’re online, you can be on the LIMS.

  • Inventory Management

Scientific Instruments for Research Work

Our product range of instruments that easily meet day to day challenges faced by scientists and researchers in various testing procedures performed in lab and field. All our laboratory equipment range is manufacture by global leaders.

Our supply goes to various industries; from schools to large organizations, our customers include reputed universities, clinical research centers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and many more. We also supply our equipment to Govt. agencies, small and medium laboratories throughout Eastern India at highly competitive price.

  • Installation set up is provided by skilled engineers including detailed product demo according to the customer needs

Sample Preparation for Research Work

Proper sample preparation is critical for cell culture and chemical analysis, because the quality and reproducibility of sample extraction and preparation significantly impact results of the systems instruments.

We are dedicated to our service commitment by assisting you maximize your productivity and providing a best level service experience. Friendly efficient service is our goal with every customer interaction.

  • We provide experimental support regarding application of synthetic/nano drug or other biomaterials in vitro in cell/tissue culture, Flow cytometric analysis of various parameters (cell cycle analysis, apoptosis assay, cell sorting, protein expression study etc.)
  • Western blotting of different proteins and qRT PCR of various genes to find out expression patterns and relate them with the molecular mechanisms.
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