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Vanquisher offers a range of products for various Life Science and Technology research applications and specializations. To offer complete solutions to our customers we have tied up with the best companies in their respective fields from across the world to bring their products to the Indian market. We are constantly searching for the best technologies in the world to see how best we can serve the medical & scientific community in India.

When your work requires specialized, reliable, high-quality solutions, count on our staff of experts to help ensure the best workflow options for your research and operational goals. Our wide range of service capabilities leverages a diverse portfolio of quality and consistency, built by some of the most recognized life science and infrastructure technology brands in the industry, including Gibco brands.


Welcome to the future of imaging. Welcome to Cellsens. Whether you need image capture software to dependably acquire and store images, or to automate multi-dimensional imaging research, the new Cellsens software delivers the utmost in personalization for rewarding imaging experiments time after time.

  • Available in three packages: cellSens Entry, CellSens Dimensions, cellSens Standard
  • Advanced Image Acquisition with Straightforward Operations
  • Sophisticated Image Processing


A LIMS or laboratory information management system is a type of software designed to improve lab productivity and efficiency, by keeping track of data associated with samples, experiments, laboratory workflows, and instruments. A LIMS acts as an additional member of your team, automating workflows and tracking all the important sample information, data, workflows, and QA/QC results your lab generates each day.


Protect your infrastructure and data now and as it evolves with flexible host and container workload security. Flexible, lightweight host and container protection is optimized for performance.

End point protection protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic.


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