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Portal and Collaboration

Enterprise Portal and Content Management

Our portal and management solutions help ensure that you are serving the content that your customers, employees and partners demand. Solutions include Web information portals, e-commerce portals and knowledge/information websites. We achieve change management through our portal governance and on-boarding model and our partners.

We provide portal integration services that include new, legacy, cross-platform applications, data, and metadata. We have developed a systematic process for designing and implementing portals that integrates existing systems. Our implementation meets current/future organization requirements; provides an effective implementation of the portal, and maintains functionality testing/delivery. Goldstone maintains your portal to update information and connects it to your business goals.

  • Automation Testing
  • Business Transformation
  • Graphical and Dashboard
  • ASP.NET Framework, Database and UI/UX
  • Architecture and Deployment
  • Backup, Search Engine and Maintenance

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